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Today, most job seekers and recruiters alike take their search online. We can provide the guidance about the intricacies of using common online job search strategies and best practices for resume distribution.

This advice paired with one of our resumes, which are optimized for database searches and designed to be visually accessible for fast scans by recruiters and hiring managers, will help you get results in today’s competitive search environment.

Whatever state your career is at, we are here to help.

Tips from the Expert


One-page resume. Fact or myth?

Should resumes only be one page? We get asked this question all the time. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about resumes is the rule that resumes should never be longer than one page. If …
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Resume and career transition

When you have been in the same job or with the same employer for many years, it’s only natural to wonder how relevant your history has become. The primary goal of any resume is to communicate th…
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