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Today, getting a job is a real job. Most job seekers and recruiters alike take their search online. We can provide guidance as to the intricacies of using common job search strategies and best practices for resume distribution. This advice, paired with one of our resumes, will help you get results in today’s competitive job search environment.

Not ready to write your resume? Not sure what you need or where to begin in mounting a job search? Want help with defining your objectives and identifying potential strategies and directions in which you might move your career? Thinking it might be easier to just sit down and talk? Ideal for people re-entering the job market, former stay-at-home parents, career changers, folks anticipating retirement or forced change, our no-obligation consultations begin at just $135.00.

FLEX TIME give you options. Not up for the effort, stress and strain of researching job opportunities solo? Crafting your own cover letters? Authoring follow-up letters? Drafting personal statements? Completing job applications? Developing reference lists? Need help setting yourself up on the job search sites?

We can help. Our FLEX TIME package gets you a bank of time at your disposal for a discounted rate. Beginning at $375.00 for three hours of time. You save $30.00 and your maybe your sanity. Having us in your court to provide feedback, direction and support throughout your search can make the process faster, easier and less painful.

Whatever state your career is at, we are here to help.

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