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Job change is stressful. Writing your resume shouldn’t be.

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Resume Writing

Job change is stressful, writing your resume shouldn’t be. At RochesterResume.com, we can help.

Forget what you learned in school. Today, resume writing is all about marketing. Whether you are early career, in transition or at the executive level, we can help you tell your story on paper.

RochesterResume.com has helped some of Rochester’s best talent maximize their opportunities.

We make you look great on paper to help you stand out in the stack. We’ve helped over a thousand clients in the Greater Rochester Area and nationally land the position they want and deserve.

No cookie-cutter resume templates, just strategically-written resumes that help people get interviews. In addition, with one-on-one career-transition assistance, we can provide you more than just a piece of paper, but a roadmap to guide your search.

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Our Rates

We understand that having your resume professionally prepared is an investment and work to keep our costs low and our time investment efficient. We bill strictly on a per hour basis and estimate projects in advance. A little preparation and homework can do much to control costs.

Early-Career Professionals

Ideal for the early-career professional, recent graduate, paraprofessional or candidate with a relatively straight-forward, short employment history.

Estimated project cost: $300-375

Mid-Level Professionals

Ideal for the mid-career professional or recently displaced employee with 5-15 years of professional experience where translating the value of your current work experience to a new endeavor is imperative. This includes documenting a relatively complex or sophisticated employment history of two or more professional job titles.

Estimated total project cost: $400-600

Senior or Executive Professionals

Ideal for the senior- or executive-level professional with 15-plus years of experience where there is considerable highly technical or complex history to document and the client is in need of competitive positioning in the market or industry. This includes extensive competitive differentiation, translating the value from the client’s current line of work to a new opportunity or industry, and significant research and investigation to identify career options.

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Our Policies.

Where multiple meetings may be required, a deposit of 50% is required upon completion of the first interview with the balance due in full upon acceptance and delivery of the finished product. All work is estimated in advance for client approval. You may wish to save the receipt for income tax purposes as a job search or business expense. Consult your tax advisor.

Depending upon availability and scheduling needs, a $100 non-refundable deposit by credit card may be required to secure your appointment.


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Meet the Writer

Paul H. Bush

Professional Resume Writer

For more than 20 years, Paul has written resumes for students, professionals and executives locally and nationally. Paul is an experienced business consultant, public manager, and marketing executive and a professional business, technical and promotional writer.

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